Quem assistiu Capitã Marvel, sabe que Carol fez parte de uma unidade militar chamada Starforce. Lá, ela tinha um uniforme diferente do que ela usa como heroína. Porém, quase que ele foi ainda mais diferente. O artista Aleksi Briclot mostrou uma arte conceitual que trazia Carol Danvers como uma piloto Kree. Confira:


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Another early exploration for Vers (Carol Danvers) as an elite Kree pilot. For Captain Marvel the movie. When I’m doing concept proposals I’m usually trying some iterations close to what we know and we see before about the character but also offering some weirder/fresher/surprising versions. This is certainly one. Here I was trying to hide the human root of the character like it’s looking like an alien and then Tadaaaa! It’s a human face! With Brie Larson feature! Basically this approach is focusing on how to surprise the audience. To play with this and to create mystery. You know there is a lot in common between storytelling and magician tricks (think about Melies who was deeply interested in illusionism before doing cinema). – #digitalillustration #digitalpainting #kree #caroldanvers #characterdesign #marvel #marvelstudios #captainmarvel #captainmarvelmovie #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #pilot #spacesuit

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